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I. Product Advantages: Comparing with products of other companies within the same industry, Shengsen abrasives with extremely strong attack and blocking forces are in absolutely leading position and will make your customer more satisfied, more loyal and more reliable – use them and you will love them.

II. Marketing Advantages: During the cooperation, Shengsen will provide you with overall marketing programs, helping you transfer from selling products to selling brands. Our marketing specialists will help you develop distributors, showcase the cost performance to compete on value instead of price, increase you profit exponentially and win more market share, making you a tycoon.

III. One-stop service: The Company has more abrasive product varieties, which will make your purchasing, storage and distribution more convenient.

IV. Brand Advantages: Your cooperation with Shengsen will improve the brand image of your store, for the excellent corporate culture, advanced business mode, high quality development, production and marketing team, standardized management system, strict inspection standard and quality control, brand reputation and popularity and all other advantages have brought Shengsen Abrasives to the leading position of comprehensive competitiveness.

V. To win together with dealers
Corporate Culture Implantation: Helping you attract talents, train them, keep them and make them useful; let employees live in a family so that they will create material wealth, develop businesses and be happy together with each other.
Team Construction: Let the boss become an entrepreneur, the manager become the boss and employees become marketing elite. Enhancing leadership and execution so as to ensure productivity
Standardized Management: Help you break through management and development bottlenecks so that you will become bigger and stronger.

VI. Training Advantages: Shengsen Business School will cultivate operating and management talents for franchisees, helping them establish business operating and management system.

VII. Join Conditions
1. With more professional abrasives store in provincial and municipal markets. Top Three in sales of abrasive products in local market.
2. With strong desire for development and brand sense, acknowledging the development concept and business model of brand chains of Shengsen Company.
3. Highly acknowledging with the culture and rules of the Company, willing to improve self personality, work attitude, professional competence, with strong sense of mission to serve the country and willing to become an entrepreneur instead of a boss.
4. Those who want to become a member of brand chains must start from provincial and municipal dealers and sell more than 5 million of Shengsen products.
5. Provincial and municipal general dealers are needed: provincial dealers selling more than 2 million of products and municipal dealers selling more than 500 thousand of products in the first year, and increase by more than 50% continuously.